Hiking and Trekking

Ledro Valley is an ideal starting point for moderate walking tours on the surrounding mountains.
The summits show a wonderful view on the valley, the lakes Lago di Ledro and Lago di Garda, and even reach out until the Dolomites, nominated for UNESCO world cultural heritage.
Plenty of paths used by the residents of the valley in the past for sheep-farming are very interesting regarding landscape and culture, in particular the mountain pastures.
One example it the “Sentiero delle Malghe di Molina e Legos” on which you can hike from the plain of Pur upwardly and across 5 mountain pastures. In our houses you will find detailed maps “Sentieri CAI-SAT”. Destinations of further interest are e.g. the near Val di Fumo or Val di Genova.
Besides this, you can discover the magic locations of the valley by horse or as well by carriage.
There are several riding farms in Val di Pur and Val di Concei.