Hidden Treasures of Culture and Nature

Val di Ledro is not just a paradise of nature. It also houses villages with ancient history, where time seems to have stopped, incredibly welcoming, and well cared for. Some of these are real architectural jewels; others preserve treasures of folk art and ancestral traditions: those typical of a valley that was mysterious and almost inaccessible until a few decades ago. All these localities are today grouped under a single municipality, the Municipality of Ledro: from east to west we find Biacesa, Prè, Molina, Mezzolago, Pieve, Bezzecca, Concei con Locca, Enguiso and Lenzumo, Tiarno di sotto and Tiarno di Sopra.

The first town you come across as you go up to Val di Ledro from Riva Del Garda is Biacesa, once a strategic hub for connections between the two valleys thanks to the legendary Ponale Road. Today closed to traffic, it offers unique and breathtaking views of Lake Garda: unmissable!

The town of Prè, on the other hand, is one of the most fascinating for the traditions linked to the solar cult.

Due to its position, the village remains in the shade throughout the winter. Since ancient times, therefore, the “feast of the sun” has been celebrated in February, to greet the return of the sun to the town.

Here still survives the craft tradition of “broche”, shoe nails. In Fucina de le Broche the “ciuaroi”, by appointment, demonstrate how shoe nails were forged.

Molina di Ledro hosts the famous Pile Dwelling Museum, while in Pieve di Ledro you can visit the Foletto Pharmaceutical Museum, which tells the story of the production of medicines, liqueurs, and syrups with the herbs and fruits of the valley.

But the best-known town is undoubtedly Bezzecca: here, in fact, Garibaldi pronounced the famous “Obbedisco! (I obey!) in response to General La Marmora who ordered him to stop his advance towards Trento against the Austrians in the third war of independence.



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