The Pile Dwelling Museum of Lake Ledro


Val di Ledro has a thousand-year history whose traces and testimonies are still visible today. The first human presence in Val di Ledro dates back to the Neolithic time: 4.000 years ago, during the Bronze Age, the shores of Lake Ledro housed a pile dwelling village, which is still partially preserved. In addition to the The Pile Dwelling in the archeological site on the shores of Lake Ledro, thousands of wooden poles, many other artifacts, and manufactured goods have been found and which today are still conserved in the Pile Dwelling Museum of Lake Ledro.

Recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site, the archeological site, the village, and the museum recreate the atmosphere of the ancient pile-dwelling settlement and revive the life of our ancestors.

Visiting the  Ledro valley means making a fascinating journey through time, to the origins of human history.  The first discoveries of the pile-dwelling village took place in 1929, when the level of the lake was lowered due to the construction of the Ponale Hydroelectric plant in Riva del Garda. Over 10.000 poles emerged and it was then discovered that in the Neolithic era Lake Ledro housed one of the largest prehistoric settlements in Italy and Europe. In the following years, other finds came to light, including a wooden Canoe: Which is the testimony that the life of our ancestors was closely linked to the ecosystem of the lake.

Both the pile dwelling and the museum can be visited all year round and during the summer, many activities and educational workshops allow visitors especially children to experience history in a fun and engaging way.

Pile Dwelling Museum is part of the Valle di Ledro museum network and belongs to MUSE, the Science Museum of Trento. Completely renovated in 2019 and doubled in space, it accompanies the visitor in the daily life of the Bronze Age between reconstructions and the original remains of a pile-dwelling village (2,200-1350 BC). So in this way can be seen a concrete idea of life in Prehistory. The summer program activities are very rich: The summer season is opened by the Palafittiadi , the prehistoric Olympics .Plus shows, concerts, archeology workshops, games, and prehistoric snacks make up the Palafittando program.



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