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A land of lakes and mountains, green and peaceful, Val di Ledro in Trentino is an authentic wonder of nature. The incredible variety of landscapes and natural scenery offers many different holiday options: sports or relaxation, for families, couples or groups of friends. Here, where the Alps meet the Mediterranean winds, just a few kilometres from Lake Garda and south of the Brenta Dolomites, nature is unique and special.

The symbol and main attraction is undoubtedly Lake Ledro, one of the most beautiful and cleanest lakes in Trentino Alto Adige. Its turquoise waters are reflected in the peaks of the Ledro Alps, which guard it like a treasure. Lake Ledro is suitable for swimming and is a popular tourist destination in summer, especially for its clean beaches, where you can lie in the sun between one swim and another. Lake Ledro is also famous worldwide for its pile dwellings dating back to the Bronze Age, which are still well preserved.

But the mountains also play a leading role in Valle di Ledro and here you will find some of the most fascinating peaks in Trentino, to be explored on foot or by mountain bike thanks to the dense network of trails. Such as Cima d’Oro, Cima Parì, or Monte Cadria, which at 2,254 metres is the highest in the valley.


A green belt that offers endless opportunities to contemplate the lake from above. Once you reach the top, your effort is rewarded with a breathtaking view: you can admire the Adamello massif and the Brenta Dolomites, Lake Ledro and Lake Garda… and of course take spectacular photos!

The incredible variety of landscapes and altitudes corresponds to an equal number of climates: from the Alpine climate of the high mountains to the almost Mediterranean climate of the sunnier areas around the lake. There are over 1,500 plant species in the area, some of which are fragile and rare. This is why Val di Ledro is part of the Unesco Biosphere Reserve. The spring blossom lights up the valley floor and mountain slopes with colours: arnica and nigritella, primroses and gentians, narcissus, peonies and white wild lilies, such as those that cover the meadows of Dromaè, not to mention the water lilies that colour Lake Ampola pink: an uncontaminated and protected stretch of water that is home to a very rich fauna among the thick reeds.

The steep, vertical sides of the mountains in the Ledro valley are the scene of gorges and waterfalls: over the centuries the power of the water has created canyons and deep gorges. Among the most fascinating and choreographic are the Gorg d’Abiss waterfall and the Palvico waterfall.



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