A Family-friendly Holiday

A blue and clean lake, the pile dwellings, green meadows and waterfalls, thematic paths surrounded by greenery and fresh mountain air. A holiday in Val di Ledro is truly on a human and family-scale. Nothing is missing in terms of sports, fun, and relaxation, but also for those looking for tranquility, quality services, and accommodation facilities for children and families will find everything they need! Here everything is close at hand and the comfort will seem you as at home, the four public and equipped beaches on the shores of Lake Ledro are characterized by the presence of green lawns and sand, therefore perfect for families with small children. Thanks to the shallow waters and the warm and calm waters, Lake Ledro is like a large swimming pool where you can learn to swim or perfect your technique. Each area also offers a bar and restaurant services, toilets, and an infinity of different games and activities: Slides, swings, tennis courts and volleyball courts, pedal boats, and other boats for hire.

Those who stay longer, can instead enroll their children in sailing and canoeing courses for children, or even let them participate in the nice workshops of Palafittando and the events of the Pile Dwelling Museum  which is located right on the shores of  the lake and organizes also guided tours. While the children have fun in safety, parents can enjoy the relaxation by the lake, or venture out on a walk or mountain bike on one of the many hiking trails in the area.

Over 200Km of the paths allow choosing the trip based on the needs of the family: several paths are also suitable for children and some can also be made in a stroller!

Amongst them,  for example, a stroll on Lake of Ledro, on a pedestrian path, or on asphalt with little traffic.

We immerse ourselves in history with a visit to the Bezzecca trenches; a frontier site that was the scene of numerous battles, from the Garibaldi battle in 1866 to the First World War to breathe fresh air, the Val di Concei nature trail is perfect. Finally, the view of the Gorgd’Abiss waterfall is spectacular: in front of the power of nature, children will be amazed!

Do not forget to bring a blanket and a packed lunch with you; you can improvise a fun picnic in one of the many equipped areas, to make your family day outdoors even more special.



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